Q: Who “runs” the Taylors Business Association?

A Leadership Team will run the Business Association once it is up-and-going!

Q: What is the relationship between the Taylors Business Association and Taylors TownSquare?

A: The Business Association is a part of Taylors TownSquare to make it easier for the group to get started and do business.

More: The Taylors Business Association is a program of Taylors TownSquare and is ultimately under the authority of Taylors TownSquare’s Board of Directors. Taylors TownSquare’s Board has delegated authority to operate the Taylors Business Association program to a Leadership Committee that can be formed by Taylors TownSquare’s President.

For some background, Taylors TownSquare exists as a 501(c)(3) organization, organized in the state of South Carolina in 2014. It has bank accounts, tax status, and can receive charitable contributions, all of which are things a nonprofit needs to do business. Taylors TownSquare is setup with the ability to adopt (“Fiscally Sponsor”) other efforts so long as they further the organization’s mission. A Taylors Business Association definitely works to make Taylors better, which means it qualifies!

Q: Why do you not require businesses to be “in Taylors”

A: Since there is no single definition of what makes a place “in Taylors,” we feel it is necessary have an “opt-in” outlook.

More: We believe the benefits of the group will be most strongly felt by business “in Taylors,” but we also don’t want to exclude anyone!

Q: Will the membership fee go up in 2020?

A: Maybe. It all depends on what you want!

More: We have set a $50 membership fee as an opening rate to get the group going, but as specific programming and marketing efforts are developed, the fee may change.